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What to do about scars+redness?

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I'm in my mid 20s and have dealt with acne scarring ever since I had really bad acne in high school and went through accutane 3 years ago which left me with the majority of the scars and redness. Since then I've gotten CO2 laser, eMatrix, and microneedling without much noticable improvement. I live in the northeast and have gotten a consultation with Dr. Yang in NY and am thinking about doing the same with Dr. Novick but just want to know what you think I could do about it. I've read about subcision + fillers and then peels, and but wanted to get another opinion on if they're the best option for me. Thank you so much for reading this.

Right side

Left side



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As you know you have widespread rolling scars over your cheeks. w/ fat loss. 

3-4 Sessions of cannular subicsion with sculptra. We are not injecting it for volume but as a spacer post subcision.

rf microneedling 3-4 sessions. Space the treatments out 3 months apart or co2 laser 3-7% density with the highest power over the scars.

Picosure for the discoloration and collagen, works well for ethnic skin types.

erbium resurfacing of the cheeks. (before you get this done you can get injected some ha filler to the inindividual pits).

Finally because of your skin type your will have some discoloration. Please use nightly tretinorin/differin and a konjack albutin cream. Stop one week before treatments, ... start when healed again. 

Treat when you have time and money, expect healing time.

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Thanks so much for the help. I just had a few questions.

Is cannular subcision with sculptra very different from other subcision techniques with other fillers? I live in NY and just wondering if Dr. Yang or Dr. Novick do these or if I should look for others.

And does the sequence matter, as in get all of the subcision treatments before the RF microneedling or picosure?

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@EcstaticClick I suggest scuptra because ... if one has widespread scaring on the cheek it's more economical (a vial), it acts as a spacer with sub, it's stimulated by rf microneedling. HA filler we use later on with individual pits for volume deficiency prior to the deep peel. But if you would rather do HA filler or prp that is cool to.

Novick is good, manual subcision and filler techniques, expensive, ... Yang I have not heard a lot of about other than he loves his lasers. Some people are going to Dr Weiner in Flordia now. I am sure there are other good Drs in NYC, ... they are just not as well known for sub.

Yes sequence matters. Subcision is first and most important.

Needling and laser can be done next and or tca cross or paint on can be done.

Finally once we get things more level we resurface the texture. 

Picosure is for discoloration and collagen growth, ... can be done any time after sub.



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