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sandpaper skin texture

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little bit of information is needed on what this may be, i have oily, acne prone & somewhat dehydrated skin. my current skin care routine may be to blame i am unsure? in the am i use a S/A face wash followed by witch hazel toner and then a moisturizer with spf 30. in the pm i use S/A face wash again, apply tea trea oil on problem spots that have not come to the surface yet, followed by another moisturizer.
in certain lighting it is hardly noticeable but as soon as i step into the sun it looks like sand paper :( 
i am 20 & have had acne since 15 or so, it was mostly hormonal. i’d say it was moderate, at most maybe 2 breakout spots a month. (Also i did recently switch face wash’s, about 4 days ago!) 07979004-1795-41EC-BE03-43E9DBABDAB9.thumb.jpeg.e0af3c308bc53c15e5343e30133b923c.jpeg

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Sand paper as in it feels bumpy when rumbing hands through skin or just feels like mini bristle like sand paper. If mini bristles its probably dry skim caused by the face wash and tea tree oil. I know that tea tree oil is super drying so you need a good moisturizer for it. I suggest buyingba mild cleanser a normal non comedogenic one like the one acne.org sells as for moisturizer Id reccomend Eucerin 5% Urea dry relief face cream this was thr onky moisturizer that orevented my face from feeling dry cracjed and uncomfortable. It only sells on ebay shippes from UK so it might take awhile. Probably the main culprit is tea tree oil  mixed with witch hazel your drying your skin pretty hard thats causing the dryness you just nees to find a good moisturizer.

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