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Should I buy accutane from online pharmacy?

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My last few hours in Vietnam, i decided to visit the derma because visiting a derma in HK is expensive and they never truly listen to you. Anyway, the derma listened to my needs and prescribed me 10 mg isotretinoin. She gave me 2 months supply of 10 mg and said take 1 daily and when i run out, she said my acne will be gone and i should try to maintain my skin condition with good skincare. I have mild acne. Non hormonal. Cystic with no openings and quite painful.

After watching a ton of YouTube videos, i realized that the effects of accutane can easily span over 6 months and that taking it for 2 months and such a low dose( 10mg) may not give me the result i want. In fact, the effect may not even kick in by then. So i think that derma didn't think my prescription through. But now i have a few options

1. Finish the 2 months supply, and if im happy with my improvement, then stop taking accutane. (However i doubt this will be the case)

2. Finish the supply, then order 4 more months supply of accutance. But should i order 10 mg, or amp up to 40 mg? I weigh 51Kg

3. Take 2 tablets daily and finish the 2 months supply quicker then get 40 mg with enough to last me 6 months? 

4) Go to a derma in HK and let them decide. Im really not happy with this option as i have had bad experience with them and they always try to sell me products instead of listening to what I need. Plus, seeing them costs 100 USD, medicine excluded. 

Professional dermatologists and experienced people, i really need your advice!!! 

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Well Accutane does nit take 2 minthd I gurantee you that it takes nearly 6 months -1 year for it to clear up. Yes, 40mg is the basic dose that people take and slowly lower their dosage after they get clear. I dont reccomend eating two tablets or rushing because you need to get your blood works checked and a full body checkup to see if your bodies able to handle it. Accutane isnt something you can mess with because if you dont know your body you can suffer its major side effects. I feel like the only option for you is to gi ti a derm. Maybe your derm recc 10mg because your not healthy in the blood checks? If they dont listen make sure they listen. Dont be passive and say "ok", " i see" speak up and dont be nervous and sit there for the 10 minutes. Tell them what you want and need.

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