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2 month old blind pimple???

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15356726728991250775246.thumb.jpg.b8b61084e2aa31b986c19f3bc3b93fb5.jpgSo 2 months ago I noticed a really visible small white spot in the middle of my nose (not inflamed, flat). I tried using a clean needle to poke the surface but it was really under my skin. Eventually some clear juice came out and it shrunk, but I had a huge scab from damaging my nose skin pretty bad. Now 2 months later, its gotten bright white and is a small bump, but the head is still way under my skin. It doesn't hurt(and it isn't red) but when I touch it it feels weird and sensitive(hard underneath). When I squeeze, it looks like if I poke it with a needle, it might come out but like I said it doesn't have an opening. I can't cover it with foundation cause you can still see the white spot bump thingy, and I don't like it :( I wash my face twice a day with Neutrogena yellow acne cleanser wash, but the bump seems like its just getting bigger. Any advice on what it might be and how to pop or treat it? Maybe someone has had a similar pimple, this one is a first for me. 

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Its a deep rooted pimple, cystic meaning that there is pus trapped deep in the pore and usually itll go away on its own dont aggravate it further than it already is. It may take months for it to ie down on its own I dont suggest you messing with it and it becoming really inflamed. Second its not that bad just look like your nose is a bit lightly red then your pale complexion. 

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Aloe very is a treatment very irritated skin and your skin like yiu said doesnt hurt I also have a two that are just bumps and turned slight redish purple and Ive had those in the past I just ignore it and with time it goes away on its own. I dont think Aloe vera would help because the bloackage is deep rooted and aloe vera wouldnt be able to penetrate it. If your really self conscious about it you could try a BHA fro. Paulas choice and apply it on uour nose hoping that the blockage dies or cimes up becoming a pimple white head so that it can pop and the pus can come out. It may leave a temporary mark, but itll goaway in due time esp if you keep applying the BHA on the same spot because it is a skin regen monster. But like I said it doesnt look thst bad at all just look slike your out in a cold day. So you have two choices leave it alone and ignore it and dont be so focused on it or get BHA and hope it doesnt get inflamed and go away or gets inflamed pus comes out leaves a mark thatll go away in time and bump is gone. If yiu go for option 2 I suggest you prepare tourself and hold your urge in popping let it become big or dry out on its own. Lastly I reccomend you not doing anything like DYI for trating that pimple. Just follow the 2 options from above.

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