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How i got rid of cystic acne in 6 months :)

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Hi all!
im just here to share my acne story with anyone who is willing to listen. I didnt have acne until i was 19 and it hit me like a train.

i dont have any pictures of when it started because i didnt take any. I was so ashamed. But i do have one 2 months after i started my routine.20180819_205119.png.0cf46bd1544382bd95738139f00de1a4.png

My acne had already started reducing a bit (it was muuuucccchh worse a month before) and within 6 months it had gone.

So i have a few tips for those going through what i went through.
1. Dont pick at your skin and dont touch or scratch your face especially where your acne is. It is inflammed and irritated skin and you'll only make it worse.
2. Be gentle with your skin. I know you're frustrated with it and youd just try anything to make it better but all good things come in time. Cleanse your face gently and if you're using a scrub use a mild one and scrub gently.
3. Your diet is one of the most important aspects when it comes to acne. You cant just wait around for your topical medications or tea tree oil products to work. If you want change you have to work for it. Try cutting out junk and fatty food from your diet. And most importantly, ditch refined sugar. Dont have sugar in your drinks or in your treats. Avoid it completely. You may substitute refined white sugar for brown sugar or honey. On another note, it would be great if you just gave up white sugar forever. Atleast try it for a month and you'll be bursting with energy and you won't even catch a common cold. It does wonders for your immune system. But if you cant give it up then just do so until your skin clears up.
4. Wash your skin with a good cleanser after you return home or if your face becomes sweaty or dirty, but not too often. 2 to 3 times a day is fine. Make sure the cleanser doesnt overdry your skin. Cleansers containing tea tree oil or neem or turmeric would be ideal. Just remember to treat your skin gently.
5. MOISTURIZE. This is THE most important part of your routine if you have acne. It prevents your skin from producing oil which is one of the main causes of acne. Moisturize after every wash. Even if you feel like its oily on your skin. If you really can't handle it use a non comodogenic moisturizer. But do not skip this.
6. Dont pop your pimples. There are so many reasons so just dont do it. It can leave a scar. It can push pus further down your skin and create even more problems. It can make the pimple worse and even more inflammed. If you do by chance break it by mistake, clean the area with rubbing alcohol, ice it, and then apply an ointment or a bandaid.
7. Take care of your gut health. Have yogurt, probiotics, fruits that are high in fibre or cumin tea at least once day. 
8. Stick to your routine. Dont keep switching because its not working. You need to give it time. Write down your routine and stick to it!
9. And lastly (and most importantly tbh) don't look in the mirror and feel bad about yourself. Just dont do that. Dont think you're ugly or dirty because you're not. Look into the mirror and think of your favourite memories and just smile. See how your face lights up. You look beautiful. Dont let your acne define you. I know it destroys your confidence and makes you feel unpretty. I got my cystic acne two weeks after my boyfriend cheated on me with my bestfriend and the entire college was talking about me. It completely destroyed my confidence. But i just couldnt let it define me anymore. Worrying isnt gonna magically make your acne disappear. So why are you doing it? Just live! And if you feel like dressing up for work or school just do it! Dont have this mindset that no matter what you do you wont look good. Its just a load of crap. Dont let these ad companies fool you into thinking this is a big issue for you. Just be yourself and enjoy your life. Dont worry over such petty things.

This is me 6 months after my routine.
Just light pink pigmentation that'll heal over time which is barely visible.

I hope i helped you out in anyway, and good luck with your journey. And yes, everything i wrote was out of experience. If you find any remedies or medications online, just make sure you cross check the information as thoroughly as possible. Remember your skin is your largest organ and you should take care of it, inflammed or otherwise. 

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