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What kind of acne scars do I have?

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I want to know what kind of acne scars do I have and how to treat them.
I live in Toronto, Canada. I'm looking for a good doctor in the area, any suggestion?
Thank you!_20180807_193508.thumb.JPG.1dc62528c75b52f3ea777e814bb29a05.JPG

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Hi there, thanks for posting.

You seem to have textural scarring, no major fat loss or deep pits. Cannot tell "for sure"...with the single pic. They are box cars, a few rolling scars, and some icepicks. You have ethnic skin.

I would do some cannular subcision on your with saline.

Rf microneedling which is great for boxcars - you have intreacel/Infini in Canada.

You major work needs to come from tca cross and paint on or spot peel for the larger pits where they pain the acid inside the scar. Several sessions are needed of this.

I would then consider a resurfacing with erbium. Because of ethnic skin please use tretinorin/differin/retin-a nightly and some konjac albutin cream, or you will hyper pigment. Stop one week before treatment.

Sadly Canada ... I do not know any good Acne Scar Drs. You can try getting this done by a general derm, med spa would have the rf microneedling, or travel elsewhere. Treat as you have time and money 3-months between. You will need picosure laser for discoloration towards the end.

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Hey there, I live in Canada, Vancouver. 

I suffer from acne scars just like you my brother. 

Wish you lived in Vancouver as well so we could help each other :smileys_n_people_24:.

Here in Vancouver, there are not really good Drs. At least, I haven't seen one yet..

Hopefully in Toronto, there are many good Drs. I haven't researched any Drs in Toronto as I am not able to travel.. 

I recommend you to do your own research, do many consultation with different Drs. If you are not flexible with time. You can do email consultation by sending your scar pictures, and get some advice, price quote, etc. If you feel comfortable with their reply, go have a consultation with them. Even If you have to pay. 

I had a lot of consultation but I do not feel comfortable with these Drs. They are not trustworthy...

I guess if you are rich enough, travel to other countries like States and Australia. Hopefully, there are good Drs in Toronto. Do a lot of research! 

I wish you the best my friend... your scars and my scars  are very similar. If you research and find really really good Dr, recommend to me!  If its worth the travel, I would go :smileys_n_people_47:.

Anyways, good luck with your research and have a great night!

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