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Suddenly developed acne

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I’m a 21 year old female and seem to have developed this acne out of nowhere. I eat relatively healthy, exercise, and haven’t worn any makeup for about 3 months since it is summer. I’ve had the occasional breakout but never like this before. Any ideas?




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Any recent stressors?  Birth control change?  Sometimes acne comes on in adulthood for no rhyme or reason.   It's frustrating, especially if you've never had to deal with it before.  How are you treating it?  Sometimes a combo of diet, lifestyle and skin care can help but we need more information.  

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That’s a good point - I’m not on any birth control but I recently quit my antidepressant/anti anxiety meds which has led to a bit of an increase in stress. I was also thinking it could be related to wearing lots of greasy sunscreen since I’ve been outside quite a bit recently. To be totally honest, I haven’t tried much yet in terms of treatment but was thinking about cutting dairy and/or sugar maybe. 

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I hope it clears soon! Acne is so frustrating! The same thing happened to me and it never stopped. I don't mean to scare you because everyone is different. Have you been in the sun a lot recently? When sunburned your skin can become dry which leads to overproduction of sebum which can cause acne. Sunscreen can definitely cause a breakout so try using a Neutrogena sunscreen meant for the face. In the meantime be careful not to try and get rid of the acne by using a bunch of new products or washing your face a lot, this can cause overdrying and cause the skin to break out more! In the meantime try washing your face twice a day (morning and night) with a mild cleanser like Cetaphil, and moisturizing to prevent dryness with a lotion that's hypoallergenic or an antibacterial oil such as argan! Hope this helps.

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Yes I have been in the sun quite a bit and while I didn’t get burned I definitely think it dried my skin and made it somewhat irritated which is when I started noticing this. Thanks so much for the advice - it’s very helpful since the initial reaction is always just to throw any kind of product I can think of at it!

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