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Advice Regarding Anxiety Being Around Boyfriend Due to Acne and Scars

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In university during the first few months, I broke out TERRIBLY. And whatever I did, the breakouts wouldn't stop. I tried all kinds of treatments from switching my cleansing routine to using over the counter products, to even trying toothpaste or green tea teabags...all which seem now, in hindsight, to be grave errors because when the breakouts finally cleared up, I was left with atrophic/pitted scars and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, from under my cheekbones to around just above my chin. 

My solution was makeup. I treat for my acne still during the day by using Clinique's Acne Solutions All Over Clearing gel under my makeup, and at night I try what I can with Vitamin C/Rosehip oil to heal my hyperpigmentation. But during the day, I learned how to do makeup well and quickly to cover my acne scars, and I soon entered into a relationship with my second boyfriend. 

Now I feel so much anxiety around him. I always feel like, if I didn't do my makeup well, I probably look disgusting or too powdery. I ALWAYS wear makeup around him and EVERYBODY, including my family. When I don't wear makeup in public, I wear one of those "fashion" germ masks to hide my cheeks. I'm even "in bed" with him, with makeup on. I get so much anxiety when he says that I'm pretty or when he tries to cup my face or anything fond and cute and things that I would LOVE if I didn't feel so fake or so ugly when I'm not fake. 

I honestly don't really know what to do. I KNOW someone might tell me that he won't mind and to confide in him, and the thing is I KNOW he'll be kind about it but for some reason, I feel so much anxiety about letting ANYONE see my real face now....like I feel sheer panic over that idea. Anyone go through a similar experience? Any advice? Thank you! 

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Hey friend, I'm wondering if you have brought it up with him before? The way I get past my skin issues with significant others is to become vulnerable and tell them I'm upset with my skin, I'm scared they will think I'm ugly without makeup, and I feel insecure. The right guy is going to support you. Once I put it out in the open, I generally feel much better around that person. By the way, what he's noticing about you goes beyond your skin, no matter what condition. He's noticing who you are as a person and as a partner :)

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I totally agree with jensweetone. My hubby is the one person I do not feel the need to pretend with. My hubby always told me I was beautiful even when my breakouts were at its absolute worst. . So, I feel if your new boyfriend cannot love you with your scars, he might not be the right one after all. You want someone that will love you no matter. Someone that wil love you when you are old and gray.

On another note, using glycolic acid and mineral sunscreen can help a lot with your scars. 


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