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(PICS) Scar/red mark under skin for over year no progress? Microdermabrasion

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So I’ve posted before about this but it’s  been a year now and no progress, I feel like this Mark is sort of under the skin and also looks worse when in  room with natural lighting from that one side of the room? Would microdermabrasion sessions help and should I apply sudocrem daily? 
Many help at all would be greatly appreciated,looks worse in person than it does on pics 

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Hi, I believe its a broken capillary {blood vessel under skin},i don't believe any topical will clear it,a dermatologist should be able to confirm broken capillary if so, cool laser takes few minutes maybe some scabbing bit than gone,if u consider doing this there are different strenght levels dr who performs this would know recommend lower range don't want scarring

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