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Pink Raw Skin after Scab

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Really hoping someone can help. So a few days ago i tried to pop very small pimple/whitehead on my cheek that had been there for weeks, shouldn't have done it! The next day i woke up to a scab on my face, I decided to put ice on it for 2 days. 2 days later half of it was peeling off and i shouldn't have but i peeled all of it off. Now i have a round mark on my face that's dark brown around the edges and dark pink in the middle. I'm indian and have darker skin. Any suggestions on what to put on it to make it heal faster and return to my normal skin tone? The pink skin still looks raw. Any advice would help. I'm putting zinc oxide and neosporin on it right now. I've used 2% hydroquinone in the past for dark marks but im not sure if i should use it on the new skin. Should i go see a dermatologist?

Any idea how long it will take to fade? 

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Hold off on the hydroquinone; it should not be used on broken skin. Trying taking vitamin c and zinc: both of them encourage wound healing. Once, the wound is completely closed and healed, you can try the ordinary's lactic acid and their 2% alpha arbutin. Until then try your best to protect yourself from the sun. Sun exposure makes spots dark. Hope this helps.

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