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Acne scarring

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Please help me identify the type of scarring I have and the best approach to treat. Should I try a dermatologist or aesthetician or self treatments. My image is attached.


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I would try self treatments first.  I'm using a derma-roller and have noticed a difference in less than 2 months.

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@Bonniety Dermarollers are a outdated technology that causes microtears. Dermastamping is more appropriate unless your treating body scars. Derminator is a better device or go the manual route with a dermastamp. This is a at home treatment.

You have surface boxcars, and rolling scars. No fat loss.

You could even get a way with a few TCA peels (cheaper) and see if you want to stop after this. If that is not enough...

I cannot tell the depth of your pits because scars make shadows and there are none in the picture. You may also dermastamp monthly at home. Cannular Subcision for pits are also a route but I would not use filler here, too superficial.  

The most effective treatment in your case would be one or two sessions of erbium resurfacing after a bit of subcision tca paint on to the pits.

Your main issue is surface texture, hence the resurfacing.

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Derminator better device my ass. I did 6 treatments so far with it at 1.75mm, not a single change so far. With dermarollers at least there are some success stories on these forums where people got major improvements. If you decide to use derminator after all, please post your progress:)

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