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I've seen it come up a couple times in posts, I'm curious....has anyone here ever tried using differin 2x a day? What happened?

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Come on peeps!!! We've got people on here jamming needles into their own faces,  I know someone here has tried a little extra gel... ANYONE?!?

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Retinoids like Differin and retinols should only be used once a day at night because retinoids are photo-sensitive and using it during the day will lead to severe irritation that will eventually  lead to flare-ups. Additionally, unlike bezoyl peroxide, retinoids are not antimicrobial so there is no benefit in using it twice a day. Retinoids help acne by encouraging cell turnover which in turn help exfoliate and open up closed comedones. Even though Differin is now available over the counter, it is important to remember it is a drug and the expert instructions on the box should be followed to the T.  Finally, it is important to slowly incorporate retinoid into your routine. Start off using 2x a week for a month and then progress to every other day. Also, make sure to use at least spf 15 during the day. If you want to speed your acne recovery, try adding supplements. I take 2400mg vitamin A and 15mg Zinc every other day. I also take 200iu vitamin e 2x a week and 250mg vitamin c 2x a day.  These supplement have really helped with my acne.

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