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Accutane cumalative and daily dosage

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I have mild acne but used to have severe acne. recently my doctor prescribed me accutane but the only problem is she is giving it in a much different way than that i have seen on the internet. Her plan is to give 20mg/day until i am clear and then give for a few more months. I am quite sure that it will work but i am very afraid that it will relapse to back to where i started (I am absolutely fine with having some acne once in a while). Iv been digging the internet for the past week, and i think she is right but then why is everyone taking 120mg x their weight? 
I am very confused...






- My mother also took low dose accutane, acne never came back after 25 years (Iv gotten acne from her)

I really don't have a choice no one where i live gives a very high dose so let me know your progress if anyone have tried it taking this way?

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the 120mg x body weight is what doctors found the be the range that they see success in acne remission I believe it was between 120 - 150 x body weight that derms strive for to accumulate in their patients bodies. Once you reach that mark most people will be clear for a few months and then only time will tell if you break out again. Hopefully you end up like your mom and clear but if not you can always take a second course 

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@Lacnez thanks a lot!, Its almost been a month now, I was clear after two weeks, haven't had any acne since then now i am fighting another battle of curing acne scars, i have started to think i will die of old age before i am able to fix my skin 

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