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Any Advice on Acne scars on my temples?

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I've had acne for a while, but its cleared up in the past couple of years. Unfortunately it left some acne scars. I've already had a few treatments done for my full face including fraxel, micro needling with prp, microdermabrasion, and a facelift. On other parts of my face I've had CO2 done. Right now I'm mainly concerned with the scars on my temples. Here is the pic of the right sideIMG_6306.thumb.JPG.6123ba3e4e086d9e64d807bae23681c5.JPG
Heres a pic of the left:


Let me know what treatment you all think will most be beneficial.


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Wow that's a lot ... Facelift. Don't see where they stitched it must be in the hairline or endroscopy. That should have improved a lot.

I am a bit confused by the pictures. What exactly do you want to correct. I see keloid like bumps / pimples / cysts. Is this what you mean?

Are there pits. Hard to see from the picture, scars make shadows, can you show me with a flashlight. If you have pits you need subcision and filler.

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Thank you so much for your response. Here's a better picture of the left side. The facelift I think was nova threads, do you recommend I have more of those done? Also, how long after the submission + filler until I see improvement?

Again Thanks!



Again, I'm mainly concerned with the pits.

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Subcision is best for pits. The temples and this kind of textural scarring do well with filling with a cannula or scubicision with a cannula. IT will take a few times, space them out 3 months apart. They should break up the tethers underneath the scars. 

RF microneedling is also safe for your skin type. Do 3 of these spaced between your subcisions, while waiting for the filler to run out. Many different brands.


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@Candy Says There was a misunderstanding originally. The OP only had threads done not a surgical facelift. As you can see I was confused by the post as well stating nothing worked until it was clarified. No we do not recommend facelift's for acne scars. 

Threads add traction to pull the cheeks or temples hiding scars, but as the OP discovered if they are tethered it does not correct this, mainly for skin laxity. Filler can do similar things if placed right. 
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