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My 9 week progress with acne through NATURAL treatment

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Hey, just wanted to share with you guys my 9 week progress with my acne. I am so proud! :)
So I changed to a paleo diet, I had a very dry skin, so I started using a proper moisturizer.
I cut out dairy COMPLETELY (tough decision). And my results have been awesome.
Can recommend this to anyone who are lost with their acne and have tried everything,
cheers :)

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Awesome progress.  For me, paleo did nothing at all but i believe that as a female, i may have other hormonal stuff going on that simple diet is not able to fix.  

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Thank you! Yes, the diet can be tricky for some people. I am not an expert on how female acne works, but I assume it is mainly caused by a lot of hormonal shifts (PCOS, period etc.), so I think I get what you mean with the complecity of diet changes for women.

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Thanks mate! Yes sure. So I have a lot of greens with my meals. I mix this with my wok and salmon or beans or eggs etc. And I eat this almost on a daily basis.
I have lots of healthy snacks between my meals. I made a video about my meals too:)
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