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Sleep related acne

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My skin is not the best but it has been improving with using very gentle aha exfoliation and proper hydration. I'm currently on a holiday and my skin has been doing pretty decent. However 3 nights ago, i accidentally took caffine a little too late and i couldn't sleep at all for the entire night... Subsequently, for the next 3 days I've been breaking out heavily at my cheeks mainly and on my forehead.

And I've been suspecting my acne maybe heavily related to my sleep. 
Whenever i sleep late doing school assignments, i breakout a little. Especially during exam periods. 
Whenever i get sufficient good sleep. My skin seems to calm down after a few days. 

And it seems really unfair cause my brother can not sleep for 3 days and his skin looks like porcelain. I can barely stay up late talking to friends.

i hope i can get some insights into this q.q it took me close to 2 months to heal and now everything is falling apart. I'm so internally desperate its painful. 

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Hey, first off everyone are different, so your brothers reactions to things doesn't relate to you. My own Brother can eat 5 ice creams with no pimples, while I get like 10 spots the next 3 days..
Sleep is important for the skin to relax and to heal. I don't think this caused the massive breakouts 3 days later. Only by sleeping less over a long period of time will worsen the skin. 
Stress can cause acne definetily, so do some yoga, meditate, play guitar, whatever makes your mind relax. 

Hope any of this helped, 

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