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Do Anti Depressants affect skin healing?

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As the title explains I'm currently on Zoloft and doing scar treatments at the same time. I am doing procedures such as Infini, tca cross and some laser. I have noticed that Infini left some grid marks which are still healing and its been about 7 weeks. I just want to be certain that anything I'm putting in my body doesn't affect my recovery. Thanks.

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Yes they do. Look at side effects. Many cause acne or can cause scarring. They also can mess up the gut. Nothing we put in our body that is not natural does not have some sort of effect. Anti Depressants have a whole list of side effects many don't research prior to taking them. There are also hidden one's individual to each user and their health. All medicines can effect skin quality, healing ability, outcome, etc... For someone on any medication it would be best to discuss this with a practitioner. If they brush aside the possibility know there are connections between healing, treatment, and medication. 

I am not here to advise you on what to take or not take. You may also speak to a natural practitioner for alternatives with less side effects if you feel that could be beneficial. 


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Agreed with the above comment. Although, I take Prozac and notice my skin heals a lot faster with than without it. Everyone's different.

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