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Okay, I'm going to try to explain everything in the easiest way I can. 

A month ago, I started using Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes. Two days later, the left side of my face was red, flaky, and sensitive. A few closed comedones appeared, but Reddit suggested I use CeraVe Moisturizer in the tub, and I did. It helped fix the problem and all was good. 

Two weeks later, I notice that there were closed comedones on my face. I immediately did research and found that CeraVe could cause closed comedones. I stopped using it and used my Pixi Glow Tonic with 5% glycolyic acid. The next day (literally got so much worse in one day!), it got worse and my skin felt tight, especially my forehead and if I focus enough, I swear I can feel those little devils without touching them. I feel like they tingle, but I can't be sure, because my head usually tingles when I'm warm. I'm also not sure if the reason why my skin feels tight is because I had overmoisturized with CeraVe (literally would lather it on) and my skin got so used to it and was going through a withdrawal, or the comedones were making my skin feel tight. 

Now, I have closed comedones that will not budge. I'm scared to use the Pixi Glow Tonic again, because I fear that it may have contributed to the breakout. Just a few weeks ago, I had perfect skin and I've been feeling so depressed. What makes everything even more tough is the fact that this happened during finals week where I wasn't drinking water, stressed, and on my period so I'm not sure if my comedones are actually caused by fungal/yeast. The comedones don't itch or anything. 

I want to try Nizoral, but I'm not even sure if it's fungal acne. Every one suggests BHAs and AHAs, but I cannot afford to purge, because I've got a few important events coming up. 

Also, I have a port wine stain birth mark on my forehead as well (irrelevant). 



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I've been having the same exact problem. Skin was fine with my old routine but decided to change it up and now it's all over the place :( I have closed comedomes as well and a lot of surfacing pimples. I used a prescription, stopped for a few days due to irritation and used a precleanse for a gentler wash instead of my BP which has made me totally breakout. I stopped using it on Sunday and I fear it'll take a few weeks to fully clear. 

I'd recommended to eliminate products except face wash/toner/moisturizer if you're irritated still. Then adding things one at a time after a week or two. If you react then you know what it is right away. It could very well be stress having added the timeframe to the comedomes. 

Actually, a good cheap(ish) AHA/BHA cleanser is iS clinical cleaning complex. I have one but stopped to figure out what was truly irritating/causing my acne. 

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