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Acne on the same place - above eyebrows

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I'm 23, my acne started when I was 14. When I was 18 I was treated by isotretinoin with good effect, but in the last some months my acne came back.

I have spots mostly on forehead, but the biggest are above, in the end of eyebrows. One dissapear and another show again. For right and left side both.

I have tried many vitamins, diet, tea, many water etc... Do you know why break out occur mostly in the same place, above the eyebrows?



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Hey, acne on the forehead might be caused by digestions issues (constipation). Have you noticed any diarrhoea recently? This might be caused by something in your diet, even if you ate something healthy (too much avocadoes etc.)

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Is there any chance it could be your shampoo?  I remember when I was younger, I used Garnier Fructis (or whatever it's called) and from it running down the side of my face/near my forehead, it caused me to break out really badly.  I changed it and it went away (for the time - then puberty had other plans, lol)

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some areas on our faces can produce more sebum and its very easy to repeatedly touch these areas with our hands without noticing causing breakouts. 

but like klessard said, could be due to products(?)

some products like pure tea tree oil can sometimes help, google it.

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