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Jay smith


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Is anyone planning to visit Dr David Lim from the uk in the near or distant future ? And also does anyone have any advice for someone planning to do this. I’ve had enough of seeing over charging, under performing doctors here in the uk and want to finally be rid of my acne scars 

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That seems a bit extreme (but I think people should follow their dreams) when you have Dr Chu In London, Dr. Emil in Denmark, Dr Treaty Ireland etc... But if you wish some people travel the world for acne scar Dr's. From my European friends the hardest challenge is finding Nokor Subcision not the rest of the treatments.


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Thanks for the reply bro, I’ve read about Dr chu in London, but I haven’t heard of Dr Emil or Dr Treacy, do you know of a place where I can learn more about them ? 

I’m also familiar with subcision, however what is nokor subcison? 

Thank you, Jay 

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Acne.org does not endorse any Dr. We only offer Drs that were mentioned by others who treated their acne scars. If you search on here Dr Chu is mentioned quite extensielvy and Dr Emil. Dr Treacy is not mentioned as much but has one multiple awards in filler and lasers, I have sat in on his lectures and he is very knowledgeable. I had someone contact me recently who was treated by him (remember hes not a specialist in acne scars but in plastics / aesthetics). Chu is the dept head and teaches other dermatologists. Emil interned with Chu but has more modern practices, ... for instance Chu does not do filler, but you can get that done anywhere after subcision.

I would Google all of them, look at the ratings, read about them on here. I don't know your other popular ratings sites for Drs. If you want a plan make a new posting with a close up of your acne scars - scars make shadows (flashlight) and we can come up with a plan you can do there in UK / EU. Subcision is again the hardest to find I am told by UK/EU posters.

Read the FAQ below especially subcision, laser, and basics on acne scars at the top.


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