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Since around August last year, my skin (which was once very clear, maybe only 3-4 small non-inflamed spots) has been getting worse. At first it was just a few more on my forehead, but now it's covering my forehead, all along my hairline, a little on my cheeks and a bit on my chin. My back and chest doesn't have a lot of acne. Whilst I do struggle with picking acne on my face (though I have improved), I was wondering whether being extremely iron deficient could cause it to get worse. Since my iron deficiency started getting worse, so did my skin. I have trouble absorbing iron and will get infusions soon, as I literally have no iron left. I read something about the bacteria-causing acne multiplying a lot in low-oxygen environments, and since I have hardly any iron not as much oxygen is diffusing into my cells (including skin in this case). Do you think that could be a possible cause?
I don't eat dairy, eat lots of fruit and vegetables/wholefoods, minimal refined sugar, low gluten, etc. so I wouldn't really blame my lifestyle. Though I do have a pretty stressful life, it was the same before my acne.
I just want an answer as it makes me very insecure :smileys_n_people_22: Thank you xx

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Namely, postadolescent acne usually occurs in women of reproductive age. Nutritional anemia occurs from an insufficient intake of nutrients such as iron, folate and vitamin B12. ... OBJECTIVE: We aimed to investigate the relationship between postadolescent acne and nutritional anemia in this study.

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Flower crowns, I felt like I was reading my own words when I read yours! 

Stressful job, but managing and always have 
Pick at my face, I just vowed on Monday never to pick or pop again.... 
I’m pretty vegan 
Self-conscious because of my skin 
History of iron deficiency, just had lab work last week 

Any updates for you?

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