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How I've cleared my acne - my acne journey


Posted : 05/05/2018 10:56 pm

Well just to start off¦acne ruined my life¦seriously.
My chances of having acne were 100% from the beginning if and I wasn™t doing anything to prevent it anyways, simply because it runs pretty bad in my family. That definitely doesn™t mean you can™t get rid of it though. I also have a severe addiction to sugar which has grown much worse the last few years, and has jeopardized my health in numerous ways. I did eat my fruits and veggies, but that was simply because I ate EVERYTHING. So much junk food, fried foods, pastries¦you know what I mean. Funny, I™ve always been on the thin side (until now though). 
It started in about sixth grade. At first it was tolerable, then it became noticeable, then bothersome and at last alarming. No, it was not cystic, but it was enough. It was bad, really bad, and I™m quite positive that if I didn™t start doing something about it it was going to become cystic. It was red and just bad. Bad and no makeup seemed to cover it. I would cry, people would comment, no one would really help. I was becoming more self conscious than ever before. I was going insane. I wouldn™t let anyone take pictures, wouldn™t go out at all, pushed people away, became obsessed, developed some pretty bad mental issues.
So I tried clinique™s three step regimen¦shit made it worse. I tried rose water, holistic products,  tried fucking everything. Well, or so I thought. To make matters worse everyone was just telling me it was genetic and I couldn™t do anything to stop it. But I obviously wasn™t going to stop. So I started working from the inside. I mean, I simply can™t believe someone can be so stupid to think that diet doesn™t have to do with this. You are what you eat.
So first, I stopped sugar (I know I said I had sugar addiction, just wait for it). I stopped processed food. Then I started dedicating hours into research, and in the course of about two years tried everything. Keto, vegan, high carb low fat, you name it dude. Everything. It got a little better at some moments, but in the end I always ended up in tears and panic attacks because it was still so bad. 
So I stopped looking for diets, and started looking for the reason. I can™t believe I was so dumb and it had taken me so long to find it. It is quite simple. Blood sugar and insulin resistance, inflammation, gut problems all lead to acne.
So I finally really found it. There it was. It was hard at first, I felt like giving up, I have very little patience. But I thought I should just try it, it can™t really get any worse than this, right? 
I ate as low-glycemic as possible, ate a good amount of beans, under 50g of sugar from fruits every day, ate healthy fats, and my only source of sugar was 85% dark chocolate, ate lean meats, fatty fish. Lots of veggies obv. Also did a little bit of resistance training but for the most part I didn™t exercise at all (shame on me lol). Guys, check out [link removed]! I found out about this guy a little late into all of my searching but he is great and has so much good info! So helpful!
A few months later I felt like I could do anything! My skin was, besides one pimple or so and the PIH scars left behind, clear! It was incredible. Everyone was pretty shocked because many, some having said previously to my face I would never really have clear skin, were now looking at me with what really I didn™t ever believe i™d be able to have either. It kind of felt kinda good when people I hadn™t seen in months stared at me with their jaws hanging open lol. Oh, another thing, during those like, five months or so I stopped using all skincare products and only splashed ice-cold water on my face twice a day and sometimes applied ice (will explain more in depth). I was so happy, and everyone was asking me how I did it.
So basically:
* No sugar, apart from that of natural sugars (fruits) and the exception of dark chocolate 85% or higher. Even so, keep it under 50g a day. It™s not that difficult. Not even natural sweeteners, but if you can keep it under 50g and get your fruits in too, id say go for it, but I don™t really recommend it that much.
* Low glycemic foods, which also isn™t hard. No processed foods, no white potato, no rice, no pasta, keep it low, you know? Simply look up a list of the glycemic index of foods, eat only the low-glycemic. I ate lots of quinoa, sweet potatoes with olive oil, that kind of thing. I didn™t have much access to fermented foods such as kimchi but those are GREAT! If you eat clean, then eating low-glycemic will be very easy. My only exceptions for high glycemic foods were watermelon and pumpkin and beets. Now that I am not as strict I eat vegetables and fruits without worrying about the glycemic impact.
* Healthy fats. A balance of omega-6 and omega-3 in the body is essential to prevent inflammation! I didn™t take supplements of any kind, simply my sources of fats were: healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil, lean meats, the casual eggs but mostly fatty fish, such as mackerel, sardines and salmon, and nuts. Make sure to get them in water, not vegetable oil! There is no excuse to this, I don™t really have much access to fresh fish and I know in some places it is expensive but canned fish is accessible  more often and cheaper. Flax seeds, chia seeds, all that good stuff. Keep away from fried foods, this is a no brainer! Soybean oil, sunflower oil, oils that have a horrible ratio of omega 3 to 6 are a huuuuge no no. Even some nuts have bad ratios, so the safest two would be mostly just almonds and macadamias. Almonds have a bad ratio actually, but they have an incredible amount of vitamin E so if you test them out for a while and feel they don™t break you out because of the fat ratio, you have a very powerful acne fighter there. Macadamias are also really great due to high magnesium content and they have a pretty good fat ratio, the best if I am not mistaken. If you feel inflammation is not the biggest or influential factor of your acne, you can be a little easier on the restriction of nuts, though I don™t recommend peanuts or those who have a veeeery bad ratio. But never touch those vegetable oils! Stay away from the fat in meats such as bacon, salami and so on. I really do only recommend lean meats, chicken breast, and grass-fed products. Cage-free eggs are also pretty good too. Remember to have nuts and such in moderation, though.
* No dairy. I™m not even going to bother to explain. Almond milk, coconut milk, coconut and almond yogurt, just. no. dairy! I was not very keen on soy products because I have heard about its effect on hormones, so if I were you I would stick to the two previous recommendations, but I am not a certified dietician so if you try any other milk substitutes remember it should have no sweeteners and all of those strange additives, you know? Low glycemic too. I really did not look farther from almond breeze™s unsweetened almond milk and some natural coconut milk, so due to that I don™t have much knowledge about other milk subs. 
* Other essential things: good sleep, exercise, a healthy lifestyle! I honestly did not do enough of this, though things still worked out, but I am certain it all would™ve worked faster if I had done so. Insulin sensitivity is partially caused by bad sleep and exercise is a no brainer! Don™t think of exercise as a chore that you don™t want to do, seriously. Even I still think that way sometimes, trust me, but changing your mindset will lighten the load, you know? Think of it as taking care of your ecosystem (body) and remember, the results will last much longer than the pain. Imagine the body you could have if you worked out! Just imagine the clear skin and turning faces! And it doesn™t cost a single cent to get up and start moving. No gym or equipment aint no excuse either. Remember its all for the best. Think about how proud you™ll be once you start working out, that you™re no longer one of those who are too lazy to do shit, you have discipline and strength, something that so many people lack and desperately need. You™re gonna kick acne™s ass!
* Skincare products: Okay, I know I said I only used water, but by the end of this I was using some things. No, I don™t do a regimen, and I still do only wash with water, but I use tea tree oil with some Manuka honey on top for spot treatment, and have started using a mix of Argan and sea buckthorn berry oil on the oiliest parts of my face (lets see how that goes). But really, theres no excuse. If you don™t have the money, because I know skincare can be expensive, or the access to get these, then I would not fret. Think about the Paleolithic era, when humans barely even bathed! Acne is becoming an epidemic now because of our horrible diets, not because of what we apply on our face. So to me, there really is no excuse. For acne scars, I also used Manuka honey, and have used aloe vera (didn™t see much change tho). I have used a face mask that has been pretty great: Potato juice, rice flour, and natural yogurt/or milk. (The one time I touch dairy lol) I am pale af so any pimple will leave angry red mark for what seems like forever, and this helps chill it down a lot. It has many other benefits too. Ice also helps a lot. I know there are many other great products out there, waiting to be discovered, but due to the fear of breaking out I haven™t tried them, but if you have the guts (or are desperate enough) go for it.I know sunscreen is also important, something I don™t do (shame on me!) for the same fear of breaking out. Try one thing at a time, though, and I think this should be after you have stopped all skincare products for a while. Call it a skincare œfast and then start introducing products one by one, that way its impossible to fail and you will clearly see what breaks you out. Check out Liah Yoo™s youtube channel, she has great recommendations and truly knows what she™s talking about. She knows her shit when it comes to good skincare products. Again, if you just can™t get them, don™t fret. Diet>Skincare.
* Green tea is also great, I™m still kinda young (14) so I don™t really drink caffeine, and I do not think they are good either. But coffee is such a great antioxidant also, if you drink it id say go for it, but only sweeten with a teaspoon of honey or if you can go for no sweetness at all, even better. Spearmint tea is also good, chamomile, all of those herbal, organic decaf teas help clean out and soothe. Just remember no additives or sugar! Oh, and hot chocolate is also great, but not your usual cup. I make it with unsweetened almond milk, cocoa powder (100% natural), some cinnamon powder and a bit of honey.
* WATER! I'm not even going to bother and explain! Keep yourself hydrated at all times! I sometimes add apple cider vinegar to my water, too. No less than eight cups of water a day, no excuse, especially if you exercise a lot! Drink up!

So for now I have clear skin like never before, now that I™ve fixed my insulin resistance and lowered inflammation. The scars acne left still lie, even deep under my skin, though. Severe depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Anxiety ,all that good stuff. :( I do have a severe eating disorder now too (you know, like many kids of this fucked up generation¦thanks social media) and suffer from quite severe binge eating problems and sugar addiction now worse than ever. Sad how something so superficial can go so much deeper, if you let it affect you. So I did religiously follow my diet for about five to six months, but when I finally cheated (binged for the first time) on Christmas, all hell broke loose. Not on my skin though, surprisingly. Through all of my insane binges it has held strong. Not as clear as before, but I can™t believe I™ve eaten so much shit again and still have skin like this. Its almost as if its bulletproof. So really, this diet doesn™t help just chill down your acne, its cures it. Please don™t make the mistake I made! Remember this is not really a diet¦consider it more of a lifestyle. Don™t think œwow, I can™t wait for the day I can stuff my face with junk food and not wake up with another pimple again. It doesn™t work like that either, and even though it has been my case for now at least, it came with a very high price, and I am currently fighting against bulimia (this is what I mean when I say acne has really ruined my life..sigh). Consider acne an opportunity and a hell of a good reason to greatly improve you body™s health. Really, I™d say start this diet and never go back (wished I were strong enough) , maybe not as strict, but learn from it to always be mindful and eat clean for the most part of your life! There are so many other obvious benefits to this besides clearing your skin. I know acne may have many other causes, and this might not be the holy grail for everyone. For those who this doesn™t help, I hope you find your cure.
So there™s that, I™m not a doctor (disclaimer lol), just a kid hoping this might help someone. Good luck everyone! 


Posted : 05/20/2018 4:42 am

I used to hide my acne like it was my job. Leave the house without makeup? Never. I slicked on dermablend (the makeup used to conceal tattoos on movie sets) to cover each pustule and scar every single day. Creating my daily camouflage through makeup to ensure I stayed hidden took up lots of my time.


Posted : 08/07/2018 11:08 am


Me and you have the exact same expierence!!! I thought I was alone!!!! I am 16.. and I try to eat A low glycemic diet to clear my acne, but finding the the right diet for acne gave me an eating disorder as well. Acne ruined my life the point where I stay home from school and quit my job.
Following a strict diet for acne Will produce results but it is hard.
I avoid bad foods such as dairy/ sugar/gluten for acne but when my family lives off that food, it makes me feel tempted to eat it with them! Every time I eat high glycemic foods I get terrible acne on my checks.

So my point is I also eat a strict diet for clear skin, but it is important to not feel guilty about eating bad foods, or restricting your diet to be point where you are underweight (I have been there & ended up with anorexia).

I belive acne is related to gut health, insulin levels and SUGAR. People say acne is topical but NO IT IS INTERNAL!!!
You are not alone,
i ambatteling acne as well by changing my lifestyle, and it is hard when Im only a teenager trying to analyze my body/acne /foods without having orthexia, anorexia, or bullimia because topicals are not working.

I also did everything under the sun such as going vegan, keto, raw foods, carb free & It is tricky when I am already very thin.
The key is avoiding sugar (which is hard in america), gut health and lots of vitamins.


Posted : 08/10/2018 4:29 am

I must say, a very interesting read and credits to the author who has literally dedicated her life to fight acne in form of changing her lifestyle.

However, the fact that the author herself is 14 years old really makes me sad. You kids shouldn't really make acne such a big deal at that age. I mean yes it sucks, but for most teenagers, it is something that is a part of life. Reading that acne creates eating disorders, suicide thoughts and mental illness for young people like you is truly terrifying.

Take care, M.


Posted : 10/06/2018 1:52 pm

I cut out lactose, and boom, my back and chin acne gone :D