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Painful red bumps all over my body...

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Duration : 2 + years now.

What I took : Flucloxacilline (7 days, 2 years ago didn't work), Fucidin Pills (11 days, derm told me to stop it) and cream, Minocycline (Not sure if it was this one)

What I'm taking now : Doxycycline pills, erythromycine topically (don't seem to be working, even aggravating it and making new ones appear)

Test results : streptococcus pyogene OR staphyloccocus aureus + malassezia furfur OR malassezia furfur and some labs found nothing 

Effect on me : Little red dot which seems to be the source which keeps growing with a raised red skin all around for 2 to 3 weeks then they slowly retract and leave a nasty scar, no pus, painful.

What I didn't try yet : Anti fungal agent (except on my feet where I had a minor athletes foot which disappeared) / Anti parasistic agent.

Also have normal acne it seems (which disappeared with the doxycycline BUT the pimples in the pictures attached reappeared right when I started the doxy)

I will keep updating this thread, hoping to be cured some years in the future...

Pictures attached...






Right forearm.jpg

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Edit : went to a derm, prescribed me cyprofloxacine along with doxycycline for acne for what seems to be folliculitis from a bacterial infection (staph), I just rememberd that it cleared me the last time and I didn't have anything for 2 months straight, hoping it would do the same again this time ...

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