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Fish Oil causing acne? + Any advice on rosehip oil?

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Hi guys,

Like many here, I suffered bad acne in my early 20s. Accutane was the bullet that shot that problem right in the head, and i have had relatively clear skin since. Up till last year, where stress and anxiety got the best of me, my skin started to take a hit, and my diet dropped to sugar all the time. Breakouts began again, and this year i've been working to regain my health.

As part of my side-effects from accutane, i have chronic dryness of the eyes, nose, mouth, hair and skin. I was sure this was due to chronic fatigue that i get, but more and more i think its ageing and accutane.

As such ive been beefing up my supplement game lately. Trying to quit diet coke (work in progress) and focus on more natural ingredients and foods.

One supplement which has helped immensely is Omega 3 from Nordic Naturals. I switched to another brand after taking this one every day for a while and had a breakout, and now i am breaking out again back on nordic naturals. I think these breakouts are specifically unusual because they were deep cystic pimples...i havent had issues like that since i took accutane. One pimple on my cheek was so deep even my facialist was shocked.

Here's what i'd been doing

Cleansing: Dermalogica calming cleanser
Moisturizing: Active Moist from Dermalogica
Treating: Vitamin C Serum (the least irritating one) from The Ordinary

Supplements: Omega 3 ultimate from nordic naturals 2x a day
Supplements: Probiotic (High quality) with 30 million bacteria 1 x a day
Suppleents: Multivitamin for men 1 x a day

I temporarily stopped the Omega 3 but heres the kicker. Both my facialist and my hairstylist said that apart from the pimples, my skin is looking better than it has in a wlong time in terms of overall quality. My hair too is full and bouncy and my eyes are no longer dry, nor is my lips.

Today i took one of the tablets today but i was thinking of cutting everything out and just taking the Probitioc first for a month, then adding in the multivit then finally the omega 3 . I wonder if i was overdosing on it. Can anyone suggest a better way to take omega 3 without breaking out? Does anyone have any advice for me? Ive been told to try collagen supplements too.

PS the only other potential cause - im back at the gym regularly, and whilst im showering regularly i understand the stress from cardio can cause breakouts.

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You can get fish oil by eating certain types of fish or by taking dietary supplements such as fish oil pills. Fish oil probably does not cause your face to breakout, but it is difficult to identify any single causal factor in acne outbreaks. Additionally, fish oil may even help you prevent or reduce acne outbreaks.

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