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Anyone experience breakouts from protein shakes?

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I generally have very mild acne but for last few months have been taking protein shakes for energy before gym and to gain weight after. Started with whey protein and had the worst breakout since I was a teenager... (I'm now 27). So I let that clear and tried Soy, same breakout in and around my jawline. Then rice protein... and now most recently I've tried hemp and it's not as bad but still causing large cystic acne beside my nose.

I've heard whey can be bad because of the link to dairy but I've never heard of the other proteins causing it as well... anyone else experience this or know why?

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I definitely break out from those things. I gave up on them entirely because my skin could not handle whatever it was that kept causing them to mess with me.

Anything with soy in it as a major ingredient is pretty damn awful for a person's hormones, and then there's almond milk which can be really hard on the gut... which also, unfortunately, produces acne. Too many nuts will definitely cause you to break out, I made that mistake for a long time before a friend was the one to actually point it out to me. I am not sure about rice and hemp milk because I never tried the protein shake versions of them, but I do occasionally drink oat milk or use it in recipes if I feel like it.

If you want to gain weight, I'd recommend more protein in food, not in shakes. I understand that they are convenient, but people who are acne prone simply can not tolerate them unless you cure your leaky gut/hormonal balance completely in your body and start all over again in a few years. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it and stick to homemade juices if possible, black coffees, lemon waters and just lots of regular water.

Oat milk is the safest milk I drink, if at all. Try making your own protein shakes in a blender at home with that milk instead. I'm sure there are tons of youtubers with recipes. John Venus comes to my mind, but I don't know what he does in terms of protein shakes specifically, but he has a lot of good weight gain advice. It depends on what your looking for. Good luck!

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