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How severe are my acne scars and what can I do

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Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get an opinion on how bad my acne scars are. I feel they are terrible and it has made me very insecure, but I am probably not the best indicator of that. Also, how bad does my other scar look? I got that scar through a fight when I was younger and it has always has been a source of insecurity for since that occurred during a difficult part of my life. What could I do to improve my skin?


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From the first picture, I couldn't even tell that you had any scarring.  I would tell you not to worry about it, you have near perfect skin, and nobody on the street would notice any scarring.  But I do understand that we can be our own worst critics, and if you do choose to undergo some sort of treatment, the experts on this forum will guide you well.  Wish you well :)

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No worries man :) Having babyskin wouldn't make you any more rugged. A bit of roughness gives you character and you have plenty of room for more before it becomes disturbing!

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You have already been told by others yours scars are very minor compared to theirs. Because of the lightness of your scarring you could get away with a few tca peels and For the forehead buy a dermastamp and stamp those scars you could also do a bit of vertical subcision and filler with the same small needle, or botox can be used as a spacer. You can use retin a / tretinorin or differin on nightly when not treating. 
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