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On 3/21/2017 at 8:51 PM, Mr TTT said:


I had applied 80% TCA peel on the nose about 5 days ago. It frosted the skin immediately  for about 1 hour with a greyish/brown color. The next day the skin turned darker, I panicked and removed the layer prematurely on day 3. The skin layer below was terribly red but what I don't understand is that the 8 huge pores like O holes are gone. Is this temporary?

Hi All

I finally get it no chemical peel or lasers can fix enlarged nose pores. I did all the extreme things to control or improve my large nose pores and scars. I had done more than 10 sessions of co2 with erbium which improved the scars and texture by 25%, atropic scars still there. These pores are crazy they are simply stubborn. They have affected my self esteem big time and have been a recluse for a while now. I don’t wish this to happen to anyone. Anybody who successfully cured enlarged pores, pitted and atrophy on nose. Please share information. I haven’t seen any successful real story. 
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Please post a pic of your nose that is most helpful.
It says you have applied 80% ... this is not the same as a DR doing the resurfacing. The nose is a very hard area to treat. You will never get 100% perfect skin on the nose. Sounds like your Dr did not go deep enough with your CO2 and Erbium, or you heal poorly. The below Video he goes deeply. 10 sessions is alot, ... what did your DR say regarding your nose and why it's not responding. I want you to also post this on realself.com with a picture, it's free and ask the advice of doctors. Are they doing fractional on your nose or a light peel. What depth are they going? @Obi wan Please Advise.
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Before and afters will be extremely helpful. Depending on your skin type, only one ablative laser is needed for pores. If there are pick and ice pick scars mixed with pores (often a spectrum of conditions), then TCA CROSS can target the deepest ones. This can be followed up with lasers. Pictures will help, especially the before and afters. 

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