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This is both sides of my face. I have some acne but most of this is just red scars that are still red and haven’t really faded away. I used to pop my pimples and pick at my face a little bit and scratch things off of my face but now I don’t even pop my pimples. I feel insecure about my face without makeup. I feel like I’m not living my best life with this constantly on my face. I feel like I’m battling myself. I’ve tried lots of stuff for my face but nothing seems to help. I wish someone could HELP me because all I ever wanted is clear skin, so I can actually look people in the eyes during conversation and not be afraid to meet new people without them thinking I’m hideous. Because let’s be honest, I’d probably be considered way more attractive with a clear face. 



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Dont pick at your spots,you will develop scarring and then you will spend more time trying to get rid of that.

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On 3/29/2018 at 9:22 PM, Quadboy said:

Dont pick at your spots,you will develop scarring and then you will spend more time trying to get rid of that.

I don’t anymore ! I used to when it wasn’t as bad. But I stopped. Still nothing works. 
On 3/28/2018 at 12:13 PM, AccutaneIsEvil said:

Unrelated but whatever you do don't resort to accutane

Why not? 
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Hey Girl, 

Trust me - I can relate when you say you don't feel like you're "living your best life". Acne really can control your life too much - prohibit us from doing the things we love because we are too self-conscious about the state of our skin. 

Anyways, are you on any medications right now?
Have you gone to the dermatologist? 
What is your current skincare routine? 

Need to know before I make suggestions. 


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Yeah, it really has been, I used to think my acne was bad when I hardly had any... this is so much worse than then and I feel horrible all the time bc of it. 

I just found out I am pregnant a few months ago! (Yay!! Lol) but other than my vitamins I’m not on any medications.

I went to the dermatologist when I was probably like 15, and they gave me this topical cream and cleanser stuff that dried out my face super bad. so  stopped taking it and never went back to the dermatologist 

I try washing my face usually 2 times a day with cetaphil cleanser, and warm water. I apply an organic orange toner, and then use farmacy beauty honey drop moisturizer at night. I do wear makeup sometimes. My face always seems dry and flaky for some reason, even after I apply moisturizer. Also I have scarring. 

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From what I can see, your skin might suggest that this is hormonal acne as it is centred around your chin and cheeks (Just making an assumption). Women also usually find that their acne gets worse while pregnant just to let you know.

Honestly, I totally relate to you. My skin is bad atm and I'm Accutane. That other guy (AccutaneIsEvil) probably had a bad experience with it and although this happens, don't let it deter you from Accutane. It is really working for me and I'm lucky enough to only have minimal side effects. 

I've got stubborn acne and I tried countless ways to fix it and only Accutane seems to be having a noticeable effect. Talk to your Derm about this and see what he/she thinks.

Good luck,

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