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Horrible scar has been more than four months now

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So about four months ago I was picking a blackhead and made it bled and got infected and turned into a cystic pimple. Stupid me I popped the pimple and there was nothing but blood that came out again... five days later it scab over and not knowing anything about skin care I peeled the scab off first thing I saw it.. now it left me a big triangle shaped scar in the middle of the cheek... here’s a pic from four months ago. https://imgur.com/gallery/UmK2s

Since then all I have been doing is applying cp serum on it day and night and have not missed one application. That did not seem to improve the appearance of my scar at all. Three weeks ago I also added 2% salicylic acid toner in my routine. Here’s is what it looks like nowhttps://imgur.com/gallery/pul8R

Beside the redness has gone down I do not see any improvement in terms of “filling in” the hole ... I’m so desperate to find something that would work... what are you guys suggestion!? I’m willing to try anything but the bottom line is I don’t want to make it worst... I’m Asian 24. Idk what kind of in office treatment would work for my skin type and scar type. And if you guys have ideas about in home treatment that would be great!!! Thanks for reading!!

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You should seek the help of a dermatologist to see if it can be filled in. 

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