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Burning and rough skin

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Hi everyone

I am on my second week of the regimen. I had a few concerns and wanted to ask for help. When I use the peroxide my face burns when I sweat and if I touch my face hours later. I do have redness under my eyes and scaley skin. I have used up to 3 pumps and the skin under my eyes is still rough and dry. My skin is also peeling. Not sure if the peroxide is good for me. Any opinions?

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Stop while you can before it messes you up anymore. I'm 6 months in and desperate to quit but unfortunately I'm way past that point as the bp has forced my skin to overproduce oil (which it does for everyone), which is why when you try to quit your acne comes back worse: there is excess oil and also no anti bacterial agent to keep the acne bacteria in check. Do yourself a favor and quit now.

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I got chemical burns from the BP when I was using the Acne.Org regimen.  It took my skin weeks to get back to "normal" (not burning, not red, not flaking).  I use Unblemish by Rodan and Fields now. They incorporate BP but you use MUCH less of it; they also use sulphur which has huge benefits for acne.

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That sounds like atopic dermatitis due to the benzoyl peroxide. I would recommend you to stop for a few days the benzoyl peroxide or anything else that you are using until your skin redness subside. After the redness decreases, start using the benzoyl peroxide little by little. Once you see your face adapting, you put a little bit more. Always moisturize and if you could add a little bit of jojoba oil, it will be perfect. 

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