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Just thought everyone should know that Accutane is scientifically proven to cause brain damage, and it is probably the cause of many of the long lasting side effects that people experience. Obviously many come out the other side with little significant long lasting side effects, others do. This is because everyones brain is different, which is why after a concussion some are fine a few days later, while some are never the same, and have mental illness for the rest of their lives. In the end its a roll of the dice, and if you are going to roll, I suggest you at least know the risks first. With no further ado, here is the evidence.

Dermatologists' attitudes, prescription, and counseling patterns for isotretinoin: a questionnaire-based study.


"A 25-question survey was emailed to 7,013 dermatologists included in a proprietary database (MBD, Inc.) and anonymous responses were collected. 591 board-certified dermatologists participated. Thirty-seven percent of the responding dermatologists believe that isotretinoin may cause psychiatric disturbances. Dermatologists' opinions on this relationship did not significantly impact prescription practices in patients with history of depression (P=0.056) or in patients being treated with an antidepressant (P=0.118)."


Functional brain imaging alterations in acne patients treated with isotretinoin.



"RESULTS: Isotretinoin but not antibiotic treatment was associated with decreased brain metabolism in the orbitofrontal cortex (-21% change versus 2% change for antibiotic), a brain area known to mediate symptoms of depression.

Conclusion: This study suggests that isotretinoin treatment is associated with changes in brain functioning."


A 4-month treatment trial with isotretinoin was associated with a decrease in brain functioning in the orbito-frontal cortex, a brain region implicated in depression.”


13-cis Retinoic acid (accutane) suppresses hippocampal cell survival in mice.


“We now show, in a mouse model, that endogenous RA generated by synthetic enzymes in the meninges acts on hippocampal granule neurons, and chronic (3-week) exposure to a clinical dose of 13-cis RA may result in hippocampal cell loss.”



"This report demonstrates that a clinical dose (1 mg/kg/day) of 13-cis-RA in mice significantly reduces cell proliferation in the hippocampus and the subventricular zone, suppresses hippocampal neurogenesis, and severely disrupts capacity to learn a spatial radial maze task. The results demonstrate that the regions of the adult brain where cell proliferation is ongoing are highly sensitive to disruption by a clinical dose of 13-cis-RA."


Retinoic Acid and Affective Disorders: The Evidence for an Association


"Increased concentrations of homocysteine have also been associated with attacks of violent anger. Isotretinoin administration to human subjects was shown to be associated with increased concentrations of homocysteine, as well as decreases in 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate, providing a potential metabolic mechanism by which isotretinoin may promote depression."

"In the case of patients reported to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) of the brain was performed in 15 cases who reported lasting neurological symptoms. Altered brain function was seen in all cases involving altered or reduced frontal lobe blood flow. Ten of these patients were evaluated to have organic brain damage."


13-Cis-retinoic acid decreases hypothalamic cell number in vitro.


"13-Cis-retinoic acid (13-cis-RA) causes depression-related behavior in mice. Hypothalamic dysregulation has been implicated in clinical depression. In fact, apoptosis of hypothalamic neurons may lead to depression after myocardial infarction. . . .We hypothesize that the ability of 13-cis-RA to decrease hypothalamic cell number may contribute to the increased depression-related behaviors observed in mice."

These are the potential side effects of brain damage. If you read up on past users, often they display a number of these symptoms

Traumatic brain injury: a disease process, not an event.


“Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is seen by the insurance industry and many health care providers as an "event." Once treated and provided with a brief period of rehabilitation, the perception exists that patients with a TBI require little further treatment and face no lasting effects on the central nervous system or other organ systems. In fact, TBI is a chronic disease process, one that fits the World Health Organization definition as having one or more of the following characteristics: it is permanent, caused by non-reversible pathological alterations, requires special training of the patient for rehabilitation, and/or may require a long period of observation, supervision, or care. TBI increases long-term mortality and reduces life expectancy. It is associated with increased incidences of seizures, sleep disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, neuroendocrine dysregulation, and psychiatric diseases, as well as non-neurological disorders such as sexual dysfunction, bladder and bowel incontinence, and systemic metabolic dysregulation that may arise and/or persist for months to years post-injury. The purpose of this article is to encourage the classification of TBI as the beginning of an ongoing, perhaps lifelong process, that impacts multiple organ systems and may be disease causative and accelerative. Our intent is not to discourage patients with TBI or their families and caregivers, but rather to emphasize that TBI should be managed as a chronic disease and defined as such by health care and insurance providers. Furthermore, if the chronic nature of TBI is recognized by government and private funding agencies, research can be directed at discovering therapies that may interrupt the disease processes months or even years after the initiating event.”

If you've taken it already and are displaying negative side effects, I recommend you take a read of this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gGkP_NQ8tmYkOADlG2VuEX17YvQJKgnfcEtgy5_6y7c/edit#

It's like a brain rehab protocol I've devised and had success with. Its pretty cheap, and much safer then the drugs and diets others have resorted to in the attempt to reclaim control of their lives. It will take a few months to take effect, but its cheap and if you are impatient, you can easily take it alongside other protocols you are trying

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