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I'm a 31 year old male and started out of nowhere getting moderate back acne at 27. Red angry zits and occassional cyst and of course other acne stuff etc. I did have severe acne as a teen on my face but only non inflammatory acne on my back. Finished a course of accutane on my 20th birthday been clear ever since. Although some mild back acne returned several years later but nothing I ever paid attention too really till at 27 where I started exploding in zits I never had. Face crystal clear till this day.

Started using saliciyic acid wash helped but not enough so derm gave me clindamycin gel and with that combo got clear. 1 year after treatment I started experiencing stinging and burning skin with the occasional rash. I experimented with benzoyl peroxide washes even lowest concentration of saliciyic acid wash 0.5% klaron lotion tea tree oil body wash and aczone all of them work equally well but burning stinging skin doesn't go away. I'm about to give up and let acne come back I'm tired of my skin on fire all the time. What can I do? Had a full blood test done by an endocrinologist all good except very low vit d levels but had that corrected. 

It sucks how I can easily clear my back with just a wash and a topical but have severe side effects. But I do need both a wash and a topical one alone wont help to keep me 98% clear. Can't do accutane again not an option at this point because of some health issues. I just hate having zits and must stay clear hence I been enduring this for over 2 years. Last derm I been too said mostly women get adult onset acne but men can get it too and it will last till I'm probably 40...

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Didn't think anybody know...I must be 1 in a million case. Or maybe topicals are just not meant for the body because as a teen I used topcials for years on my face with no problems. And 3 diff derms told me retinods are def a no no for the body so won't even bother trying them.

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