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Need suggestions

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Need suggestions for trustworthy dermatologists in or around the San Antonio area, preferably acne/scar specialists.
Once the breakouts are done with, I plan to dive headfirst into PIE and scar revision treatments. I've used editing to highlight just how bad my skin situation is



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* You have highly atrophic scars, some fat loss. Rolling and box cars. Filler will help most with subcision.

* 3 treatments of subcision and filler like voluma or Sculptra, or even fat (most expensive).
* rf microneedling like infini, vivance, intracel, intensif, secret, ... 3 of these spaced around your subcision, you can wait till the filler wears out
* A deep tca peel under sedation for surface texture or several medium strength peels. Or fully ablative erbium resurfacing.
* There is alot of red in your skin, ... I would get vascular laser to normalize the color.

* Sorry we don't know who is in San Antonio, you would have to call around and ask for treatments, see realself.com reviews and checkout yelp. All the doctors we recommend are in the FAQ, many travel to them.

Dr. Lam is in Texas, but not a scar specialist, just a PS.

Checkout the FAQ for more info.



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I would not recommended Lam either because he mainly does silicone injections, which are permanent and pose unknown risks depending on your immune system.  

 The editing makes it look a lot worse than it may actually appear in real life.  The redness makes the scars much more pronounced than they actually are.  It'll take a few sessions of Vbeam for that.  As for the scars, I concur, fillers will help tremendously.

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