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What type of scars and possible treatment

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Hello everyone,
I found these pictures on google while searching about acne scars.
Do you know what type of scars are those ? Are they treatable ? 
What would be the best treatment according to you ? 

Thank you !


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On 2/15/2018 at 7:07 AM, beautifulambition said:

Rolling scars,... subcision and filler. 

Checkout the FAQ for subcision.

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On 2/15/2018 at 7:07 AM, beautifulambition said:

Thank you BA !  Would the treatment works if the line were a lot larger ?
We can see between left and right pictures that the person was kinda treated cause the depressed skin is a lot more plumped, but the lines are still here and remain the same as before the treatment. Do you know why ?  

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Some areas are no no areas, so it would depend on the skill of the doctor as there is arteries by the mouth for instance that run up. Botox can also be used in smile lines etc., or filler injected higher up the cheek to pull up. No one injects smile lines anymore as it's dangerous. 

There is alot of lines all over his face. Some rolling scars, by the chin etc... Under the mouth by the chin area can be improved. His main issue is loss off collagen (needs filler) and subcision to release scarred areas. Possibly a deep peel for texture at the end. RF microneedling would help soften the scars as well. 3 subs w/ filler. rf microneedling, and a peel(s).

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Do you see somes white surrelevated bumps that form scars on his skin ? Do you know if it is what is called hypertrophic scars ? 

Also what do you think of these kind of large depressed skin part on the girl ? Can they be caused by acne too ? 
Subsision + filler or is it considered as a no-no areas ? Fillers alone could possibly work or absolutely need subsicion ? 

Can rf micronbneedling can cause texture scars on poor healing skin ? 




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IF they are raised yes, they can be. But I don't really see this with the above. I just see poor texture.

The girl has no scars, ... the top is a smile line from muscle & fat defiency... botox / filler can be used. The lower chin filler will fix it. Anything can be caused by acne, aging, etc...

Tons of people have smile lines. Subcision is not needed on the girl, just filler.

Rf needling is like microneedling but stronger, it breaks up scar tissue and forms new collagen. It depends how you heal and your scar type. For fat deficiency RF needling is not the first choice filler and subcision is.

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