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Hi guys I feel like I needed to make this post to help others bc I know I’m not the only 1 who has suffered after taking Accutane. I suffered beyond belief after being on it for 6 months. I felt like my life was over. My hair had fallen out, I was clinically depressed, suicidal, I was sobbing & breaking down every day, could no longer eat certain foods, back pain, low libido. It was absolutely crazy & I knew something was NOT RIGHT. I went on like this for a year bc none of my doctors could help me... they were just puzzled. So I did my own research. (Btw I now feel amazing) 1st of all Accutane DESTROYS your Digestive system & obviously ur mood & well-being & health all begin in your gut. So 1st things 1st you NEED to repair your gut & the way your body digests food. If you don’t your body isn’t absorbing certain vitamins that you NEED for health & getting better !! After Accutane any time I ate anything w fat: Example... olive oil, coconut milk, nuts, etc. my stomach KILLED. Accutane leaves ur body without the ability to break down fat & therefore it’s just getting passed right into ur stool. You need to take a digestive enzyme to HELP your body break down the fat so ur body can ABSORB it. So I’m gonna list what you MUST consider doing in order to feel better:

1. Digestive Enzymes (it’s a vitamin & can be found in any health store... get a potent one.)
2. Strong Probiotics (helps heal ur gut immensely!!! I use Vibrant Flora Probiotics 100 Billion)
3. Taking gluten, sugar, & dairy from ur diet (which was SO hard to do for me but those 3 things r so taxing on ur Digestive system as it is you literally cannot consome those things in order to heal your gut.)
4. Milk Thistle (for your liver bc Accutane is also so hard on ur liver & in order to rid urself of toxins you need to give ur liver some love) 

That’s it peeps !! This is what worked 4 me & made me feel back to my old self & healthy again . Thank you for taking the time 2 read. Your health is everything !!! <3


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