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Worried about Accutane results

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Hi, new to the forum so I apologise in advance if I am breaking any rules or anything.

I will skip the long intro and just say that I have only had acne for a year and it stemmed from taking up boxing and strength training fairly intensively (went from 0 exercise to about 2 hours a day on average). In the space of a year it has gone from none, to mild, to severe. I am 22 years old and 86kg. 

I was overseas in south east Asia for 5 weeks over Christmas working in a hospital and was in poor living conditions and sweating in restrictive fabrics all day (had to wear long sleeve button up shirt and long pants in severe humidity) which made my acne severely worsen.

I have now been prescribed accutane/Isotretinoin for 6 months at 80mg/day. It has been one month since beginning my treatment protocol (began around 8th Jan). After initial worsening my face and upper neck has gone from severe (scabs and bleeding and pussing pimples) to mild acne.

I have attached pictures of my chest as it has progressed through treatment which seems to be getting worse and I am worried about it. I cannot get back to my derm until 29th of Feb so try not to suggest that.

I was kinda picking and also still lifting weights before which was obviously stupid and making it worse (it was sooo itchy) but I have managed to curb that habit. 

Essentially my questions are:

1. is this typical progression on accutane or should I be worried? does the progression of the scabs/body acne looking like it is worsening or slowly healing?
2. what regiment should I be using? I try to avoid touching it at all as it seems to make it worse?
3. I try to avoid showering as it makes scabs fall off and back to square one, however, is this a bad idea?
4. any other input you may have. thankyou so much for those who take the time to help me out. would love to have my life back and not wake up in pain every day haha :(

PS - do you think this could be impetigo or acne conglobata or something? my derm says it is just cystic acne but it seems a little different and more severe than most cases..

So sorry about the long post I just really want input because these are shaping up as having the potential to cause long term scarring :\. Pictures in chronological order. (15jan, 22jan, 25jan, 28jan, 1 feb, 10 feb, 12 feb)Photo on 15-1-18 at 8.24 pm.jpgPhoto on 22-1-18 at 2.31 am.jpgPhoto on 25-1-18 at 7.50 pm #2.jpgPhoto on 28-1-18 at 11.27 pm.jpgPhoto on 1-2-18 at 7.23 pm #2.jpgPhoto on 10-2-18 at 1.38 am.jpgPhoto on 12-2-18 at 11.14 am.jpg

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