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What type of routine peel to maintain tca results?

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Hello, Newbie here 
Sorry if this has been answered as nauseum, I tried searching and couldn’t find anything definitive.
I’ m trying to find out what type of peel to order to do either weekly or biweekly maintenance. I just completed a TCA full face peel (1 layer at 30%, for about 4 mins) I know it’s high, but I have worked my way up to that strength and my skin is very resistant to peeling. I’m pretty much done peeling now on day 7.  I’ve done 20% a few times in the past. I want to maintain my results but will obviously wait until my skin is healed for a few weeks. I was thinking about glycolic but not sure what strength to use?
My main concerns are textural/hyperpigmentation and some shallow indented mostly rolling scarring on cheeks.

any info is helpful and alternative recs are appreciated.

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You can continue to TCA at a lower percentage. Peels will do nothing for rolling scars on the cheek if they have not been properly subcised and filled. Peels are for texture once you level the skin. Sure you can do a glycolic. Like TCA, ... get a higher percentage and water it down if you need to. There is a whole FAQ on acid peels, click the link, peels section, and another link to a large post - read the first page. 


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