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accutane tests checks for weed?

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So i’ve smoked weed several times this week and i’m about to take the blood test for my accutane prescription. I was wondering if the doctors will notice if i’ve been smoking weed?

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No. I very very very highly doubt it. Your Derm or GP will likely conduct a blood panel which will provide information on your lipids/cholesterol (i.e to check liver values as accutane is very hepatotoxic). It MAY have information on oestrogen, testosterone, LH, FSH, estradiol etc. but I doubt even that.

They will certainly not be testing for the presence of drugs (except birth control), this is in fact illegal and would require your permission.


So just to reaffirm, I would bet my house that they don't test for weed. 

And EVEN if they did (which they won't), it is completely irrelevant to them. Cannabis has no interaction effects with Isotretinoin and the only values it really effects are slight elevations in oestrogen and a slight decrease in testosterone (which wouldn't be noticeable and would be within the normal range).

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This can be determined by a blood test, but it is unlikely that it will be checked. The dermatologist also ordered me to take a blood test, but I only took it for parasites. Still, if you have smoked it recently, and they check it, they will find it for sure. We used to do a lot of tests on drugs on my old job, and I could never smoke pot. I was so happy when it was legalizes, now they never check it on my new job, and I can smoke as much as I want. I get this awesome new strain on justcannabis.shop, and that thing just hits you differently. I feel like a different person when I smoke it, it's awesome.

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