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What do you think about dermabrasion ?

I did many things without improve like subcsision,dermaroller/dermastamp,suction

it's been 5 month when i begin to treat my scars

i heard about dermabrasion
What do you think about this technique ?

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It's not really done anymore... And the risks are quite high aren't they?

How many times did you have subcision?

What else have you done apart from needling and subcision? Maybe radiofrequency microneedling would work better, like Infini or Intracel.

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I only do subcsision 1 time but i guess i will have little improvement like 10%
but nothing..
so why i need to continu ?
dermaroller and dermastamp also do nothing or maybe little

it's been 4 week that i did subcsision 

Yes but in my country,There is someone very famous for this who combine punch elevation with dermabrasion,don't Know if it is worth the Risk (if there are risk)

BA give me advice about using filler this time,but i realy want something permanent

in total i did 7 needling and 1 subcsision 

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Dermabrasion is really a hard procedure. Your dealing with something that has a down time of around 3 to 6 months and that's not the redness. Your literally having your face grounds to bits by a diamond bit or wire fraiser ... Think of your Dremel rotary tool. If you heal poorly this is a disaster. If they make a mistake this is a disaster (to much in one area). IT is highly skill dependent and a old treatment plastic surgeons used to use before the advent of laser.  Dr. Rullan has a new take on it by doing more controllable deep peels to the scars edges and then only softening them individually, he is famous in the dermatology textbooks for this. So he's not just doing dermabrasion on the face. I have seen some terrible mistakes with this even more so than laser. You will hide your face for months as you heal and hope everything goes well. This is more harsh than any deep peel. They often cannot treat small areas well and do larger areas as there are differences in texture and a noticeable difference in skin quality so they hide it in the contours of the face. There is the risk of infection as one is going deep dermis sometimes. It is extremely painful, and the recovery time is a bear. You can get hypopigementation and loss of pigment from doing something so drastic, even lines and marks from the procedure.   You often have to do 3 of them. This should be one's last ditch sorta treatment when nothing else worked, not the first. What happens when one sands down the dermis is they age and look older. This is why nobody does this anymore, .... terrible results and side effects.

I therefore would say a well performed deep peel by a plastic surgeon is safer than dermabrasion. Why, acid is extremely controllable weather upper dermis or the reticular dermis. IT's also easier to find than fully ablative erbium laser. None of these treatments work on those with type 3 skin or higher because of pigmentation issues. This is why they stopped fully ablative laser, the side effects. Both procedures can make the skin have a waxy appearance if they are deep enough.


Your in Korea, and your privately messaging me for help. You sent pics. Your scars are boxcars and rolling scars over your cheeks and not the worst I have seen. I have given you advice, filler, subcision, rf needling, deep peel or erbium resurfacing. PRP for skin thinness. Stem Cell Injections in Korea, microfat grafts. All of this takes time and has to be repeated. The body does not just heal after one procedure. It takes work emotionally and time wise. When one treatment on average takes 3-6 months to heal from ... your packing this into your 3 month stay. We do to much and that is not good either. Things just don't work like that. Get done what you can get done at the clinics, and either go back for more or treat elsewhere when it's more convenient. You have some other heal these issues and I have tried to advice to detox the body and improve the skin from that. 3 months is not enough to do all this. You need time to heal and treat properly. IF you want a facelift, that is up to you, but your case is much more complex that I will not share here.

Your wanting something to instantly fix your skin in Korea since your only there for a few months, when treatment takes time.


@Frenchscar See above please. I know your a student and choose not to do filler because of cost. I am sorry vacuum cupping after your "single" subcision (you need 3) did not give you the results you want. You must do what you feel is best. The doctors in France do not sound experienced with acne scars and you even mentioned traveling to get better treatment. As I recall you said under your medicare laser is included for a cheaper cost or free and excision was it. It is up to you weather you do these treatments. I do not feel they will fix your icepicks and boxcars on your cheeks to the level your expecting. But if that is your only option then you must do what you must do right to get treatment. Be aware you have skin pigment in a 3+ range so they will not go as hard on the laser because of potential pigmentation side effects.

You know what they used to do for icepicks / small boxcars, cut them out, aka punch excision. This was terrible with different skin tone, bad grafts that did not take, texture irregularities, poor healing from the stiches. They then laser the skin plugs / sutured wounds and hope it all looks good blended together. It may work for you, ... I cannot say, but I do know it has terrible results from other reviews if you research. Cross for icepicks takes time because your raising the scar bed of your own skin.
After Punch Excision:
Left cheek punch excision stitches removed 4/29/09 - Cystic Acne Scar revision - Pictures ...

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If you search enough you'll find some disasters right on this forum.  Some people of color have come out with waxy, textured skin after dermabrasion.  A guy on here ended up with a "mask-like" effect on his face because it was a different color and texture than his body.  It is by far the most harsh procedure you can perform on the skin.  If you've ever had a bad, deep scrape from falling, imagine that on your face.  


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You said that if after subcsision,the scar re-tether after 3 week,it' sur not working

yes i know i need Time but i guess with 5 month i see some improvement but nothing

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@Frenchscar You need filler. It's up to you to do what you wish. I am just trying to help you. If the doctor is bad and the way they do the procedure (your doctor does not do Nokor) and you don't want to travel there is nothing I can do. IF your medicare only covers excision and laser that is up to you to go do if you feel that's the right decision. Scar treatment is up to the skill of the specialist and what your willing to do. Some save up for the procedures or specialists that will help them most. At least you know your available options. Be well.


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