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2nd Round of Subcision Completed

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Hello All,

Roughly 2 weeks ago, I completed my 2nd round of subcision with Dr Peter Rullan in San Diego, CA. I went with him the 1st subcision in 2017. That time I did filler at the same time, but wasn't very happy with the filler since too much extra was put on my skin. This time I just did the subcision, and the results are looking superb. I'm 90% healed up as well; just a bit of bruising left on the left side. About 5 days after I did the surgery I was already back at the gym btw. So the healing is going very well.

One thing I noticed was brand new with this subcision is there's a new step done at the end (the nurse does it). Something about draining the blood, which reduces the chances those bumps occur that linger for months after the subcision. 

Fantastic doctor that I highly recommend. I'll update with before/after pics soon.

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Sounds fantastic. So Dr Rullian thought there was no risk of the subcision failing without using filler as a spacer? Because the scars can teether back up?

Great to hear of your results. Keep it up. 

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@ScarRight I helped Guardian some time ago. His main issue was box car scarring on his temples. As we know this is quite a fat deficient area (in some that have athletic or thin faces). He originally had subcision done by Rullan, which he had flown in to SD for the treatment.  

Lessons here: What worked for Guardian is subcision and rf needling without filler in those shallow temples. 

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