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Which non-permanent filler

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4 hours ago, SalientDouble said:


I`ve an appointment for subcision on friday and an appointment for filler on tuesday.
Which filler would you advise for the temple and cheek area?

It really depends on how much volume is required and what your objective is. Read the below article and get back to us if you need more clarification.

What You Should Know About Wrinkle Fillers

:smileys_n_people_116: Types of Wrinkle Fillers, Uses, Side Effects, Benefits, Risks, and More

Hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers include:
  • Belotero Balance.
  • HylaForm.
  • Juvederm Voluma XC.
  • Juvederm XC.
  • Juvederm Ultra XC.
  • Juvederm Volbella XC.
  • Prevelle Silk.
  • Restylane.

Synthetic wrinkle fillers include:

  • Bellafill
  • Radiesse
  • Sculptra
  • Silicone
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1 hour ago, SalientDouble said:

No really deep scars. I want to use a little bit of filler. My biggest worry would be overfilling/lumps.

Regardless of what fillers you use, it's paramount that you find a qualified professional who really knows about dermal fillers. Fillers are more art than science and it should be approached like a sculpture to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result. Unfortunately, medical professionals are the least artistic bunch on the planet. :smileys_n_people_42:

The most popular filler for the cheek is Voluma because of its heavy viscosity, which also translates into extended longevity For the temple, it's a tossup between Sculptra and Juvederm Ultra. Both Sculptra and Voluma are placed deep whereas Ultra is more superficial. If your main concern is with acne scars and not so much with the cosmetics, sculptra is a great option because it stimulates collagen. But the drawback is that you will need an average of 3 injection sessions, once every 4 weeks.

With that said, it's worth noting that there are some major arteries in the temple area and one screw-up can lead to blindness. Be sure there is hyaluronidase around just in case and, if using a needle, demand your doctor to aspirate with every insertion. You can always ask the doctor to use a blunt cannula instead of a hypodermic needle. Good luck.
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