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Acne, blemishes, red and dark spots

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Hello everyone!

I am pretty desperate. My dermatologist prediscribe to me only antibiotics which doesn’t help much for a long term.. I am a model and I must have my face clean and shiny without any blemishes.. I don’t know if I have acne with blackheads and dark spots or it’s just post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I’m also thinking about to buy acne.org regimen...
Any of these doctors couldn’t  help me here where I live. I need something what will help me 100% and as fast as possible... I would love to hear from you any help. 



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Take your oral anti biotics and it needs time to work,its good at fighting inflammation and acne as a whole.it just needs time to work.

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Hi Karolinac, 

Antibiotics will help you in the short term, so continue taking them for now, but start adding things into your skincare routine. Personally, after I stopped taking antibiotics, my acne got worse because the issue was not bacteria. If you can go back to your dermatologist, ask them to prescribe you Antibiotic Wipes (i.e clindamyacin pledgettes). It will help reduce the acne you have. In my opinion, it looks like you don't have too many breakouts and have more scarring/hyperpigmentation. If you can, start taking zinc, B vitamin, and collagen supplements so your body has what it needs to heal. 

Do you mind me asking what your current skincare routine is? Adding some products and masks may help.

Best of luck.

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