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Microneedling Radiofrequency

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I thinking about microneedling radiofrequency for rolling acne scars, however I've red it is used also for hyperhidrosis treatment (by destruction of perspiratory glands). My concern is if this procedure going to destroy perspiratory gland on the face also?

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It's completely safe and does not destroy the sweat glands in your face. This takes different settings - much higher by the way with the highest amount of glands in the armpit. It's temporary (they grow back) as well just like Botox is for this purpose "sweat glands".  Though I have never heard of someone who wants to sweat on their face, this is a new one to me ;-)


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As BA says, its safe. Few reasons- eccrine glands or sweat gland lie deep in the fat layer, plus the PD or pulse duration to destroy these gland are long, compared to scar revision. Secondly, heat dissipation can easily be compensated by the millions of glands located else there. Treating your face accounts for 2 percent of the sweat area of your entire body. Worse case scenario, one percent of sweat gland knocked off with RF .... those patient who suffer with true craniofacial HH or hyperhidrosis would dream of this treatment being effective. Don't worry about sweat, with Infini RF, many many other things to worry about including PD, treatment level, kick back of solenoid system, pulse stacking and fat loss and the best treatment settings for your scar type... oh... and grids if treatment are too superficial and pulse delivered incorrectly. Oh, wait, and carbon build up when insulation fails. Not trying to scare you, but these are all realistic things that can go wrong, way ahead of anhidrosis (sweat reduction) with insulated RF. Wish you well. 

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