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Subcision I need to know the whole hog of it

Hi all, Have posted before but I need some more information on subcision. 

Can anyone take me through the whole proceedure.  Where do they insert the needle? (ie. anywhere or are there set places i.e on the outter region of the scarring area pointing inwards)  Can the insertion point scar? 

How can the needle untether the scar but not create it owns scars under the skin?  (like leaving tunnels).

I was going to reference a recent  poster  who was annoyed at the tunnel effect that subcision left on his face, but I am at work and don't have time to find it.

Is the method a definite fail safe method?   I have had Erbium and Fraxel and would hate to go backwards instead of forwards.  

Thanks all!  

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@Jaspa0411 I read some fear in your post and the need for some knowledge. Tunnel effect subcision left on his face, that is the purpose of subcision to make a pocket, if you don't use filler then of course it will reattach, .... again filler is the best solution for this. If someone does not heal right, have the subcision done right, etc... or uses fear tactics then of course all kinds of things can happen. 

If you want to learn more about subcision goto the very first post in scar solutions called faq, then subcision section and read. Subcision will not make you go backwards after laser. They subbcise all these people who get filler FYI. Movie stars, etc... Just without the nokor needle of course, your body heals after. 

When you cut your finger why does it not make your whole finger fall off and why does it heal without wrecking the whole thing. Because the body heals of course. Tunnels throughout the skin sounds like a form of acne that destroys tissue, actually making tunnels and bacteria throughout the face, not subcision, they are literally only slicing the tethers just under the epidermis (superficial) not even going deep, so how can it make tunnels?.  When one does microneedling they are making tunnels / channels all over their face and the body heals. Laser makes tunnels and channels all over your skin so you had this with fraxel.

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