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I damaged my perfect skin and now I want it back.

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Hi everyone. I'm 23 F. Up to now, I had just perfect skin but for some reason, I fell into depression and became obsessed with my appearance. I had a belief that something was wrong with my skin, so I used excessive exfoliants on my face. Now I had a painful bout of cystic acne which led to icepick scars on my cheeks. 

However the good news is that those scars are shallow. They are not extremely deep. Since I went on a caveman regimen - meaning I stopped using all exfoliants - my skin is now smooth and I stopped getting new acne.

Is it even worth dermarolling at home or should I forget and learn to accept my skin? I am really hoping to get my perfect skin back. 

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Omg!! This is almost like what happened to me or at least I think. 
I became so fixated with my skin appearance that i went to shit, the most horrible thing is when I try this salicylic acid pads that also had tons os alcohol now I feel my skin is ruined for good. Maybe check in with your derm? Also have you paid visits to the psychiatrist/therapist/etc.?  I feel you so much. 

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Yes I feel I need to visit a therapist but unfortunately I live in a country called "Canada" where there is a notoriously long wait list to see a dermatologist or any other specialist. 


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Here in Mexico the waitlist are also very long but fortunately private practicioners are not that expensive in my country. I love this kinds of forums because getting support from people going trough the same stuff is very calming so feel free to talk to me whenever you want. I know what it feels like to have body dysmorphia. Is one of the worst I have to endure

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You barely have anything that can be called "scars".   I suggest you seek therapy instead of treatment that can potentially worsen your near perfect skin.

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