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Skin Care regiment advice with prescription medicine of Tretinoin 0.1% microsphere and Minocycline

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Hi all,

A little background of myself: I am 30 years old and I have been suffering from Severe to mild acne since i was 15 years old. My first time ever going to a dermatologist for medicine was about 2 years ago and he prescribed me epiduo with doxycycline and it took a year for my acne to clear up, but I never got rid of blemishes and some scars around my face. After I cleared up, I stopped using the medicine and I broke out again after 2 months and now I went to a different doctor and he initially prescribed me Tretinoin (Retin-A) Gel Microsphere 0.04% along with Minocycline. I have been on that for 2 months now and I have noticed improvement from the 2 months I have been using it, but I am still getting new bumps on my face and the old bumps that go away leave brown or red marks behind. I am noticing hyper-pigmentation all over my face and flaking, as well. I apply the Tretinoin every night on my face and take the Minocycline twice a day (Morning and Night) and that is usually all i do for skin care regiment, but it seems like i need to expand more maybe?

Today when I went to pick up the Tretinoin 0.1% gel, i also picked up Dickinsons Witch Hazel toner along with some cotton balls and my doctor also recommended I use Cerave Moisturizing cream. So I think my skin care regiment will go like this:

Morning: Shave - Jump in Shower and Cleanse my face with Cerave Cleansing soap bar - Get out of shower and apply dickinsons Witch Hazel Toner.

(I would put moisturizer on my face, but i tried using cetaphil moisturizer during the day and i noticed that I would break out a bit and my face would be super oily and shiny after working 8 hrs (Office job) so i stopped using it after a week or so and now I  just jump out of the shower and pat my face dry with a face cloth i use only for my face. My face feels tingly and kind of like rubber, but as time passes during the day it starts to get oily and shiny, but not as shiny as when i apply moisturizer.)

Night: Jump in shower - Cerave Cleansing Soap Bar - Get out of shower and apply the witch hazel - wait 15-30 mins and apply the tretinoin cream - wait 15-30 mins and apply moisturizer.

(I may only cleanse at night since i think the hydrating bar dries up my skin big time, but not sure if that is good idea or not?) 

if anyone can give me tips on how to do a proper skin care regiment with the prescribed Tretinoin 0.1% gel and minocycline that I use, I would be more than happy to take the advice. I honestly cant wait to get clear skin and i am hopeful that it will happen soon. I guess I have combination skin? As my skin is dry after showering but gets oily as the day goes 

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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You dont want a skin care routine,this is the thing in my opinion.your average normal every day person dosnt have one so why do you?

because you have acne?

All you wanted was the oral anti biotic that clears up and keeps the acne at bay and moisturiser that keeps your skin moist without irritating your skin.nothing more.

i dont like idea of creams as its not normal for your skin unless your using it to fade your scars away?

washing with warm clean water only and pat dry each time with clean dry towel.keep hygene clean and just try not to glut on too much crappy food.

stay out of direct sunlight where you can.

just want to avoid this routine thing of creams and washs and all the rest of it.just the right thing to get you clear and keep you clear and moisturiser and that should be enough.

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