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4489833F-43B6-4C77-ADD2-2BFCB924EED8.pngDD3D7B4C-419D-48BF-8C8D-71BD8050E1DE.jpegI’m 16 and I’ve had acne for a few years now and I was wondering what type I have and the best way to fix it. Is it severe? Also I have very small white things in places like around my mouth which when I squeeze comes out a stringy white substance. At the moment I have been using AZ clear foaming wash and AZ clear medicated lotion for a few weeks and my skin has slightly improved I think. Now it’s really bumpy and red and uneven and I hate it. 308C447B-DCBD-4FEE-8183-3904AAC67F29.jpeg
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To start off with stop picking and touching your face,it will make your spots worse and brings the tisk of scarring which could be worse to deal with than the spots.

so easiest solution is to go dr and get an oral anti biotic,should clear you up but not a long term solution.

anti biotic cream from dr should help at the minimum.dont go running to a shop splashing out on fancey stuff that wont realy help,get prescription strength and see how you go from there.

keep hygene clean but stop picking your face please.

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Looks quite severe meaning youll be able to get a dermatologist appointment. antibiotics work but are harmful longterm. invest in a good skin care routine. do trial and error and find out what works for your skin. use topical acne cream too
picking at your face isnt good but when you find yourself doing this, afterwards boil some water in a kettle, wait for it to cool down a bit and use a towel to pour some on it
use this as a hot compress on the areas of the face you have picked at, it will provide as relief and decrease inflammation, then finish off with a product e.g. topical acne cream 

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