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Weird Looking Scar from Cyst

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Is it still infected,or infected again,  if so goto the derm. You can try using hot salt water soaks on it.

Is it trully a keloid, I can't tell through the inet as it looks like skin still angry and healing from infection. 

You can try honey and aloe if you have some around or triple antibiotic cream. 


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Hello, I have the same scar on the same spot as yours. I really hope you got rid of it because i’m still trying to get rid of it although it has been a year since I got it. I tried to pop it with a sterilized needle but it became even worse and nothing came out of it. Any ideas ? Thanks. 

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@User673706 Please goto a Dermatologist for treatment. This is not a zit. It could be multiple things including a clogged pore, burried cyst, sebaceous hyperplasia, vein, or hypertrophic scar. The dermatologist can inject it with steriod, do some hyfecator or electro surgery on it scraping it off, laser can also be used. There is no good at home treatment that does not cause more scars. Some say repeated legals iodine helped, but be aware this stains and acts as a chemical peel. Another treatment is 17% Salicylic acid for warts, leave it on 8 hrs, then put silicone patch over it for 8 more hrs overnight, for weeks ... works for some, and not for others. 

- BA

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