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First month on isotretinoin

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Hi all 
It' a long one ... so I'm 31 suffered with acne on my back since I can rememer , I get odd bouts on my chest and face but not very bad. 
I'm coming into my 4th week on 40mg per day and I just feel like I've got no guidance or anyone to turn to to answer my questions ... which I have so many so here goes ! 
so far I'm doing ok with side effects the skin around my mouth and nose is flaky and lips are very dry but I'm managing it so atm I'm quite happy with the treatment. 
first question ... to date my back which is the main problem has completely cleared up ! I'm on my second break out on my face but it's only 7 or 8 cystic spots at a time which I'm managing to cover , my question is what are the chances my Dermo will keep me on the same dosage rather than upping it? 
second question - alcohol ... I've not once been told not to drink by the Dermo ... in fact if I had id of put the treatment off until March due to an adults weekend I've booked - no bashing please. Anyway I have drank probably once a week a bottle of wine , I've felt fine just maybe a little more hydrated which I've quickly rectified, my question is if I can maintain a high level of hydration , will a drink here and there really hurt ? 
last question - can you give me some advice on what to expect moving forward and any facial cleaners I could use ? (Been told not to use soap but it's a nightmare to get makeup off with just water !) 

thank you x


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The issue with drinking is hydration and liver load. I did drink very moderately, initially had no problems, later a severe reaction to tane but that'r not drink related. 

I would keep minimum dose, minimum time- best not to take accutane at all. Many of us were initialyl happy, but now have a host of systemic issues, and some have all but lost hair.

At 30+. acne is likely not strong and won't last long- you made it this far, maybe there is another way.

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