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Acne scar specialist - Dr. Rahimi or Dr. Emer

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Hello, I am a 25 year old mix-race male with moderate acne scars on my cheeks. I am curious if anyone has recommendations for an acne scar specialist in LA for combination laser treatment + filler. I’m consider Dr. Rahimi and Dr. Emer. 

I’ve read some threads here, but I’d love to hear some more thoughts because I want to make sure I see the best doctor.

Thank you,

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Neither are good from the reviews of those who saw them here. The best for mixed race or anyone is Dr. Rullan in San Diego. He specializes in subicsion, filler, and peels for mixed raced / ethnic skin. Dr. Chris Zachary is good also I hear and he is at UC Irvine, Dept Head - Dr. Lim's mentor (he might be more of a laser doctor, but I am sure they do subcision there). 

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I would pass on both.  There have been cases where both of these doctors recommended an excessive amount of different treatments all at once.  The cost for these guys are astronomical for what they're offering.

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Each dermatologist or plastics have their own 'interest', they are all taught the same way, but their paths of passion are each different. Dr Emer has a passion for lipo and 4 D body contouring, his theory and ability to perform meticulous acne scar revision is there, but his efforts maybe concentrated in his other pathway. A down to earth no BS doctor is Dr Chris Zachary. He does however have a conflict of interest with Fraxel. As everyone knows, Fraxel can be a great laser for treating sun damage , but is not the best energy device for the treatment of acne scars. Having said this Zachary is well versed in TCA, subcision, lasers (including fully ablative) and surgical methods. He is not monetary driven but research and teaching are his passion. Good dermatologist IMO. 

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